Top 10 sci-fi Creations That Became Real

Science Fiction is imagining new types of technologies, rather it is predicting them. Many of the devices described in science fiction movies decades ago have been created in real life, and in some instances even better than their fictional version.

10. Cellphone

Star Trek showed its characters using a communicator which now seems quite familiar to a flip phone, minus the screen. They treated their communicators more like walkie-talkies whereas smart phones these days are capable of so much more than just placing a call.

9. Tasers

Tom Swift was a fictional character who invented the Taser in one of his stories. Real life physicist Jack Cover was such a great fan of the books and the character that he decided to recreate his electric gun.

8. Video call

Star Trek has often shown its characters video calling others. While this only seemed a fantasy back then, Skype, FaceTime, and Facebook Calls are quite common these days.

7. QuickTime

The inventor of the program was inspired by an episode of Star Trek where one of the characters was playing multiple music tracks simultaneously.

6. Virtual Reality

The idea of being in a virtual reality was popularized by William Gibson and while this seemed like a dream just a decade ago, Oculus are pretty common. They even come for free with some of the new Samsung phones.

Top 10 sci-fi Creations That Became Real

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