Top 10 Robotic Personal Assistants

Ever since sci-fi movies started showing robotic butlers and such, we’ve all wanted one of them to help out in our homes. A tiny little friend who would help make our lives easier. The good news is that now you can! These are the top 10 households robots that you can purchase.

10. Amazon Echo

You can activate it by saying “Alexa”. It may not be mobile and as social as Jibo but it is a great personal assistant that allows you to control your entire house by simply giving him instructions.

See is for real in the store.

9. Budgee

This robot is targeted to disabled people as it follows them around and helps them with daily chores.

8. Jibo

This tiny robot can move around your house, interact with you and even recognize different family members. This is one of the more social personal assistants.

7. Aido

This home robot doesn’t only keep your house safe but can also help you with household chores and entertainment. It is smart, interactive and mobile!

6. Pepper

About 4 feet tall, it can recognize faces, body language, and voice. It’s humanoid shape makes interactions more comfortable.

5. Personal Robot by Robot Base

This robot will connect to every device, switch, and lock in the house to make it easier for you to control everything. Not only will it keep your house safer but will also help decrease your electricity bills.

4. FURo-i

Shaped like a traffic cone doesn’t only plan your schedules and protect your house, it can also tell bedtime stories and teach you how to cook!

3. Asus Zenbo

This robot only costs as much as your phone, but it can roam your house to keep it safe and can also take care of elderly and kids sending you an alert in case of an accident.

2. Alpha 2

This tiny robot is only 2 inches tall but can control all your wifi enabled devices. Thanks to its joints it’s more flexible and can even be your workout or yoga coach.

1. MJI

This is the desktop version of Pepper, made by the same company. It is the size of an electric kettle but has all the capabilities Pepper has as well.

Top 10 Robotic Personal Assistants

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