Ten of the Most Hilarious YouTube Channels

The best place to kill time and get your giggles on the internet is YouTube. It provides very interesting and sometimes hysterical content. Many new discoveries and creative ideas can be easily learned through one click. Here some of the most interesting and hilarious YouTube channels to stave off boredom for another day.

The Third Pew

This channel is run by a thoughtfully hilarious vlogger named Nathan. He uses self-deprecating humor to rant about everyday life and daily school struggles that encourage positivity and make us crack a smile.

Jenna Marbles

This quirky Youtuber is known for her sarcastic comedic rants on absurdly realistic videos. She tackles real life problems by recreating them to provide funny entertainment that keeps one giggling even after seeing it once.


NigaHiga, otherwise known as Ryan Higa, is one of the most popular comedic youtube. He mostly uploads parodies of people, shows, or any other content that seems to be ‘In’ in the crowd.

Ten of the Most Hilarious YouTube Channels

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