Make Your Bedroom Cozy with These 10 Hacks

According to conventional wisdom, it is said that we almost spend one-third of our lives in our beds. Therefore to have a cozy bedroom is always our foremost wish. Of all the place, a bedroom is a place on which we have total control. We can change its decor or settings according to our desire. Here are 10 hacks which you can use to make your bed room cozy and comfortable.


Mattress Topper

The one thing that should be the part of your bed is mattress topper. It is put under the layer of the sheet. This mattress topper can be of anything like memory foam which is very comforting because it helps in relaxing your back.


A Pillow

The pillow is the very basic thing that everyone has in their rooms. But the important thing is that choose the shape of the pillow which suits your sleeping position. Side sleepers should have the firm pillow, back sleepers should have a medium pillow, and stomach sleepers should have a thin and soft pillow. Choosing right kind of things can make your room comfortable.


Quality Sheets

Choosing right kind of the fabric of sheet is again an essential thing to do. One should always prefer 100% cotton sheets over cotton and polyester blend because it gives the cozy feeling and makes you breathe in a relaxing environment.



Layering your furniture with blanket and pillows can make your room look good as well as cozy. One can layer their bed with the comforter and the soft cotton blanket to provide warmth. You can also pillow of various shapes which provide comfort while reading and napping.


Electric Blanket

Electric blanket and pads are always the best options to give your room some warmth and coziness in the winter. You can always pre-heat your bed by putting it under the mattress before going to the bed.


Head Board

A padded or tufted headboard is the necessary to hack to make your bedroom cozier. Because it would comfortable to sit if you have a relaxing headboard. And amazing thing is that you can make one yourself at home. All you need is a wooden board, fabric, padding and a staple gun for it.


Fluffy Rug

There is no blessing like having a fluffy sheepskin rug in your room. After waking up in the morning and stepping on the cold floor is the most annoying feeling. Therefore do not forget to place a soft fluffy rug in your room. It’s all coziness.



You should make sure that your room id well lit. Have a side lamp, floated or wall-mounted light in your room. These lights not only add to the beauty of your room but its dim light gives coziness to your room.



Paint your room with some rich colors to add warmth to your room. The right kind of paint color not only affects your mood but it will also give the comforting aura to your room.


Swing Chair

You can also place a swing chair at the corner of your room. It will not only enhance the looks of the room but it will also provide the comfortable place other than the bed to sit on.

Make Your Bedroom Cozy with These 10 Hacks

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