Every Girl Needs To Know These 10 Eyeliner Hacks

Eyeliners a girl’s best friend when it comes to dressing up while going out. But its not easy as it looks, so here are some simple hacks every girl needs to know.

#1 Eye shadows as eyeliner:

Sometimes you can get tired of simply using the same black eye liner over and over again. Have you seen those makeup artists use different coloured liners? You can too. Use eye shadows as your eye liners now!

#2 Dried out liner? We have a solution

Does your liquid liner keep on drying out? Has it happened to you on several important occasions? Then start storing your liners upside down. It’ll help save them from drying out quickly!

#3 Gel liner by a Kohl Kajal

Simply get yourself a Kohl Kajal or Kohl pencil liner and then burn its tip. The result? You’ll have a beautiful gel liner then.

#4 Use white eyeliner

You can use a white liner as a base for a black liner. And trust me, it’ll make your eye liner pop more than ever!

Every Girl Needs To Know These 10 Eyeliner Hacks

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