10 Funny Tweets about Babies

Little, tiny creatures, full of joy, spreading smiles but sometimes, very evil too are little softballs we like to call babies. We’ve all been through...

10 Facts About Donald Trump

Donald Trump, we all know who he is; the current US President. There has been a lot of news about him in the past, but...

10 Best Wendy’s Roasts on Twitter

Whoever is running the social account at Wendy’s deserves a raise. They have always had hilarious tweets but recently they have started roasting everyone and...

10 Drinking Games

Simply going to the bar and pouring drinks into yourself is getting a little boring, especially if you’re in a gathering. What’s a party without...

10 Differences In Men And Women

Yes, men and women are equals and yes, the biology doesn’t make them nay different. But over the years with our culture and also because...

10 Most Paid Celebrities

We’re all fans of one person or another. Our preferred category might vary from author to musician or sports star to actor. But when people...

10 Weirdest Fashion Trends

The world and it’s obsession with fashion have led to some great inventions, but also some disastrous ones. Incorporating the weirdest items into clothing has...

10 Most Expensive Fashion Items

Let’s talk about 10 items where the brand (or sometimes not really the brand) went all out and got their product among the most expensive...

Top 10 songs of 2016

Music has greatly changed with changing years. Every year there is a new genre that goes hit, hundreds of new artists pop up. Sometimes an...

10 Most Expensive Cars of the World

The most expensive cars in the world are much more than the transportation. The flamboyance, flashiness and grandeur of these cars is all what matters....

10 Celebrities Who Used To Be Fat

Most actors you see on the screen that has flawless skin, beautiful face, attractive eyes and perfect physique used to be fat in their past....

Top 10 Epic Celebrity Meltdowns

To live as a celebrity is not an easy job. They face intense pressure throughout their not-so- private industrious lives and at the end they...

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