The Easiest To Cook, Best Looking Dishes

There are several dishes which are easier than they look. Food junkies are always looking for a variety of dishes to try. Well, these following dishes are easy to make, and take less time to be prepared as well!

#1 Mussels

Mussels are not only easy to prepare, but rather they are also prepared quite quickly. There are dozens of ways to prepare mussels, just search up the recipes!

#2 Chocolate Mousse

That one dessert that no one can resist. Soft, creamy, rich and even airy. Sounds pretty delicate right? It’s actually pretty damn easy to make!

#3 Crab Cakes

If you’re a seafood junkie, then its impossible for you not to love crab cakes. Although normally thought to be a difficult dish, its actually very simple to prepare.

#4 Salt Baked Fish

Unless you want to add different tastes to it, salt baked fish is really simple and great for you. Just cover the fish in salt and egg, and bake it in the oven. Enough said!

#5 Ceviche

This is a traditionally South American dish, and it is simply fish marinated in citrus juice. This is a healthy dish for yourself!

The Easiest To Cook, Best Looking Dishes

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