10 Facts Donald Trump Doesn’t Tell Us about His Kids

Being a social personality, especially the US President brings all the spotlights on you and your family. Although it is okay to keep some things from the public, it creates more curiosity among the people. Being the detectives that the public is, there is hardly anything that they fail to find out about.
Seems like Donald Trump didn’t share a few things about his kids with us, but it’s alright because we still figured a way to find them out.

10. All sizes available

Having had three wives, Trump has five total children. The oldest son usually referred to like Donald Trump Jr., is 38 years, from his first wife. The youngest one is a 10-year-old boy, from his current wife.

9. Favorite child

Every parent has a favorite child whether they accept it or not. The oldest daughter, from Trump’s first wife, Ivanka, is her dad’s favorite from the whole family. Probably that is why Trump said he would’ve dated Ivanka if she wasn’t her daughter.

8. Privileged younger one

Barron. Trump’s only child from his current wife, is definitely one who is provided with all privileges. He has not just a room but a whole floor to himself in the Manhattan house. However, there is no caretaker hired yet for him.

7. Model daughter in law

Donald Jr. is married to Vanessa Haydon who is a model. The couple has five children.

6. Spotlight family

The kind of life Trump has had, his family has always managed to maintain rather stable reputation, despite Trump mentioning at a show once that children of famous people are usually disturbed.

10 Facts Donald Trump Doesn’t Tell Us about His Kids

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