America First, Netherlands Wants To Be Second!

Since Trump became the president of the United States, things have already drastically changed.

He wants to begin building the wall between Mexico and America.

And he banned entry from all muslim country’s and refugees for 120 days.

At inauguration day Trump told us that America will always be FIRST, so that means there is a second place right?

That is exactly what Lubach from the satirical news show ”Zondag met Lubach” thought.
He decided since there is an open second place, he could propose the Netherlands to be second, and made a video to show him why.

The video has since gone viral, with over 40 million views on Facebook and 8 million views on Youtube and its clear to say that the Netherlands do deserve that seconds place.

A friendly american decided he should give the Netherlands an helping hand, he made a “serious” petition of the request on the official white house website, “America first, make Netherlands seconds because they requested it!” If the petition reaches 100,000 signatures, the American government has to give a reaction:

See: Petition: America first make Netherlands second because they requested it.

And let’s sign this!

Watch the video yourself to see if you think the Netherlands should be second:

America First, Netherlands Wants To Be Second!

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