10 Weirdest Fashion Trends

The world and it’s obsession with fashion have led to some great inventions, but also some disastrous ones. Incorporating the weirdest items into clothing has sometimes made very classy outfits. But sometimes in order to create something edgy or punk, the designer went a bit off road.
Here, have a look for yourself at some of the strangest fashion trends that will make you question the designer (except if you actually like them).

1. Extra lips

Now how I would justify this is that the designer couldn’t choose between three very similar looking glasses so he put on all three on the model. But since this hid the model’s actual lips, the genius designer put up another pair of lips on top of the model’s head.

2. Elf boots

The Mexicans went ALL OUT with their new boots trend. The boots are aimed at men, with the purpose of attracting women. They do get the women’s attention but I’m not sure of what kind of impression they leave.

3. For the love of rainbows?

Perfect for people who can’t decide what color to wear. Or maybe for a love wins pride. I can’t think of anywhere else you could even think of wearing this.

4. No neck

Hate you neck? Here’s what you would love. Or maybe not. In order to rock this, you need to have a very irregular body shape; no neck, very broad shoulders and uneven mass distribution on the legs.

5. Meggings

Leggings for men because men and women are equal and if women can wear leggings then why can’t men rock the skin fit piece of clothing?

6. Eye jewelry

Here it is because extremely strange pieces of jewelry in all other parts of the body weren’t enough. But how do you even have the guts to put something in your eye?

7. Duck shoes

To go with the very famous duck face look, here are the duck shoes. Perfect to satisfy the duck secretly living inside you.Only if these were orange, though.

8. Fly high

Well, if you want to look fly then you must do it at extreme ends, right? Don’t even worry about your outfit with this hairstyle because it’ll definitely take you at very high levels (very much pun intended).

9. Eye tattoos

Going an extra level with green eyes.

10. Nest head

I’m sorry if this took away your faith from the world’s sanity.

10 Weirdest Fashion Trends

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