10 Ways To Spot a Liar

We’ve all been in a situation at some point in life where we wish we could read minds to find out if we were being lied to. In today’s world, it is hard to trust someone. So how do you believe someone’s promises and excuses?
Here are some psychological facts based on how human brain works. These unintentional body language hints will help you spot a liar easily. Or become a better liar?

1. Hand movement

People who move their hands a lot tend to be telling the truth. So a stiller person could most probably be telling a lie.

2. Eye contact

Contrary to popular belief, people who look you in the eyes are not always telling the truth. In fact, liars usually maintain eye contact for a very long time in order to trick the listener.

3. Arm placement

Crossed arms, hands on the neck, hands in the pocket, clenched hands, all these are signs of distress which a liar is more likely to go through than an honest person.

10 Ways To Spot a Liar

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