10 Viral Challenges That People Just Can’t Get Enough Of

Small clips of hilarious content always make us laugh, it doesn’t even take much of our attention span to do so. Challenges of numerous variety have been booming on the internet in the form of these clips because they are easy to follow and provide fun content. Here is a list of ten most hilarious and popular pranks that can always force a laugh out of us.


The Ice Bucket Challenge

Rising in popularity ever since 2014, this challenge is used to raise money for ALS by dumping ice cold water or ice cubes over yourself. The one who partakes in this challenge nominates the next person and challenge moves on.


Bean Boozled Channel

Bean booze is a Russian roulette type of game, where you can either get a really tasty jelly bean or a disgusting flavor of bean such vomit or the rotten egg. As punishment, you have to eat the nasty jelly bean.


Cinnamon Challenge

Many people, without knowing the full extent of the effects of this challenge, participate in it. You need to eat a spoonful of cinnamon without coughing, but it is an impossible task and hilarious results.


Whisper Challenge

This challenge is kind of like the evolved version of the Telephone Game most of us played in our childhood. Participants need to find out what the next person is saying while listening to blaring music.


The Running Man Challenge

Mirroring the Harlem shake challenge, the running man challenge is a funny little running dance that the participants must do with their buddies.


Hot Pepper Challenge

There are some things that man can never do, this being one of them. The participant for the sake of hilarity eats an entire hot pepper and shows their reaction in the video. Tears which are shed could be tears of remorse.


Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge

Of all the challenges, this one must the most hilarious of them all. To get more plump lips you use the Kylie method to get bigger and plumper lips but as always, some people just take it too far.


Mannequin Challenge

Quickly rising in popularity, this challenge takes the prize of being one of the coolest challenges of them all. The participants freeze together as if mannequins to show hysterical poses.


Andy’s Coming Challenge

This innovative challenge brings nostalgia in its activity by reminding us of the toys in Toy Story, the animated movie. The participants need to fall where they stand like the toys in the animation when someone says ‘Andy’s coming!’


HUH Challenge

This challenge includes people roasting each other, the entirety of this challenge depends upon how bad you can roast each other on the internet.

10 Viral Challenges That People Just Can’t Get Enough Of

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