10 Toys to Keep Your Pet Healthy and Happy

Winter not only makes us humans lazy, it also affects our pets in a similar manner. Some pets may get bulging bellies or just a lazy constitution just to battle boredom in the house. To keep your pets active and happy, pet owners should take a look at this amazing list of toys that will keep away your pets extra pound.


Orka Chew

We have all been there when our dogs get sick of being cooped up and start chewing on furniture to just keep themselves busy. This toy has several features that attract your dog to happily chew on it for hours.


Busy Buddy Kibble Nibble

This toy is uniquely shaped so your dog enjoys playing with it as much as it wants. The design is completely harmless and gives the dog something to think about before they can nibble on the kibble.


Everlasting Fun Ball

Like the name suggest, this ball dispenses treats through a small hole if it’s jostled around while playing. Now your cat or dog will have to work for their snacks.


SmartyKat Hot Pursuit

This small device uses erratic movements to give your cat a real mouse chase. It can be used to play with your cat or dog whenever you please.


Catit Design Senses Speed Circuit

This clever little device uses motion activated balls inside the tube to drive your cat wild. It uses peek-a-boo motion to keep the whole endeavor exciting and fun.



Also receiving an award as the Best New Cat Product at the Global Pet Expo, this product ranks high in keeping your pet healthy and happy. Just hand it with any doorknob and let the fun begin.


Catit Senses Roundabout

Keep your cats senses alert and running with this unique toy! It keeps the cat’s attention with a catnip filled ball that glows in the dark! Your cat will definitely be mesmerized.


Bolt Robotic Laser Toy

This toy gives your cat something to chase and spend his excess energy. It shoots out a tiny laser that has the random pattern, almost like a fly. Most cats love this wonky Toy.


Planet Pleasures Parrot Pinata Toy

Give your parrot something fun to chew on with this reliable handcrafted toy. It is made to physically stimulate and keep your bird mentally active.


Caitec Knots in Blocks Bird Toy, 18″ W X 22″ H

This colorful wooden toy is hung from soft yet chewable cotton ropes, it makes climbing for smaller birds very easy and fun.

10 Toys to Keep Your Pet Healthy and Happy

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