10 Reasons You Should Put Your iPhone In a Case

The age old question, well the technological age old question, should we put cases on our phones or not. Especially iPhones that are all about the style, feel and look of the phone, seem to make us leave the covers at home. Here are 10 reasons why you should put a cover on your phone because it won’t ruin your iPhone experience a bit.

10. Protection

Let’s start with the most obvious: they keep your phone safe. We’re human, accidents happen, and phones fall. It’s better to have a cover that reduces the shock and damage to your phone rather than letting it crash to the ground and shatter.

9. New sleek models

Phone companies are trying to make phones slimmer, lighter and sleeker with each mode. While this looks and feels absolutely fabulous, the phones are actually becoming more slippery as well. Even the act of simply holding our phone and swaying it from side to side can be enough to send it flying.

8. Disguised old phones

Talking of new phones, don’t worry we haven’t forgotten the older models. The thing about Smartphone’s is that they all look extremely similar and most people won’t be able to tell too much about which model it is and how old or new it is, especially when most of it is covered with a cool new cover.

7. Personalization

The reason people can’t always tell models apart is because they all look the same! Most people use iPhones or Androids, and while those are all the same amongst their respective brand owners, they are also starting to look a little like each other. A cool, customized cover is a brilliant way of not only setting your phone apart but also expressing yourself on the one thing you spent most of your time on.

6. Materials

Covers come in all shapes, sizes and even materials. You have glass, plastic, rubber, wood and so many other materials to choose from.

10 Reasons You Should Put Your iPhone In a Case

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