10 Pay per click advertising (also PPC) mistakes that can cost you money

Pay per click advertising is one of the fastest ways of drawing potential customers towards your business. It may seem a easy task to do, but most of the people tend to make numerous PPC advertising mistakes which then cost them thousands of dollars by the end, without even attaining the desired number of people. If you are new to the concept of Pay per click advertising, then this article can aid you in avoiding some of the mistakes to save your time and money.

Pay per click advertising

Pay per click advertising
Here are ten costly mistakes that you must avoid when you are starting out.

1. By sending the visitors to the home page

For instance, if you’re running a Pay per click (PPC) add for a certain product’s specifications, and you lead the viewer to the home page upon his click, that would mean that the customer would take a lot of time before he makes a purchase. Sending him directly to the product page would ensure that your visitor is one step closer to making the final purchase. Try making it easier for the customer by directing them to the targeted landing page.

2. By sending visitors to the contact page

This is another mistake that many people make as they think this might lead to higher email newsletter options etcetera. However, this would only frustrate them more, and they make opt out of the sale. Again, the same concept applies that try directing them to the targeted landing page.

3. Split- Testing your ad text

Always make sure that to produce the maximum efficiency results, always split-test your ad text beforehand. This way help you determine which ad’s text will produce better on-site conversions and click-through for you.

10 Pay per click advertising (also PPC) mistakes that can cost you money

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