10 Life Hacks Everyone Should Know

Life can be pretty confusing at times, but these hacks make some problems feel pretty simple.

10. Use steam to iron

If you need to iron a crinkled shirt but don’t have an iron, hang it over a boiling pot of water. The steam will smooth the shirt out, then leave it out to dry and you’ll be good to go.

9. Command hooks are your new best friends

You can use them for a variety of things. Make a simple tablet or phone holder, keep your garbage bag from sliding off the can, or create extra storage in your cupboards for cutlery. The possibilities are endless.

8. Call your oven

Tired of continuously going to the kitchen to check if your cake or pizza is coming along fine? Take someone’s phone, video calls you and place it in front of your oven.

7. Lego mini figures will hold your stuff

If your cables are all over your desk stick them into the tiny hands of a Lego minifigurine.

6. Water test your eggs

Place your egg to find out how old they are. If it sinks right to the bottom and stays flat, it’s fresh, if it’s slightly raised it’s a week or two old and if it rises to the top it’s very old.

10 Life Hacks Everyone Should Know

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