10 Hacks Every Lazy Person Should Know

Laziness, we have all been there, we have all experienced it in all parts of life. We all love to sleep an extra 5 (usually more) minutes, relax on the couch and just chill in life. For people like us there is nothing worse than finding a comfortable position and then realizing you forgot to bring the remote near you. Or finding out in the morning that there is no dish to eat you breakfast in because they’re all dirty.
Life hacks and time saving tips have been helping us all our life, so here are a few more to make life a tad bit easier.

1. Waterproof shoes

Grab a candle, rub the wax all over the pair of shoes you wish to wear in rainy weather. Next, go over your shoes with a hair dryer on ‘hot’ setting. Voila! Your shoes have been transformed!

2. Perfect milk container

For lazy cookie and milk lovers who wouldn’t want to wash extra dishes, just use the cookie container itself to hold the milk. It is usually the perfect size to hold the perfect amount, too!

3. Quick laundry

Wash all your clothes all together, but make sure you do so on the cold water setting to prevent the different colors from leaking and staining other clothes.

4. No dishwashing

Cover your plates with seran wrap; put your food on top. Remove the seran wrap after you’re done eating and your plate will need no washing.

5. Remote on the go

Forgot to grab the TV remote? No issues. Just download the remote app in your smart phone and you’re good to go (except if you forgot to grab the phone too).

10 Hacks Every Lazy Person Should Know

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