10 Gadgets that May Disappear in the Next Decade

Technology is an ever-changing and ever-evolving thing. Due to this constant changings in the technological world, many gadgets are becoming obsolete. The technologies which appear to be the essential part of our lives may disappear in the coming years. Here are 10 gadgets that may disappear in the next decade.



The surprising Smartphone which is now the integral part of our lives carrying a lot of our personal data may no longer be a part of future. This gadget most probably will be replaced by wireless ear buds like Moto Hint or the Samsung Gear Icon X.


Plastic Money

We rely so much on our credit cards for not carrying the hard cash around and its ease of transacting the money without any trouble. But in the near future, the plastic money is going to be obsolete and is likely to be replaced by the online and virtual banks.


Well Mounted TVs

All the well mounted LCD and LED TVs that enhance the beauty of the walls of our house are also going to disappear in next decade. These smart and slim TVs are going to replace by mirror-finished displays. Some form these displays are already in the market.


Remote Controls

Remote controls are also going to be the part of the past. They will disappear in the near future. It is likely to be controlled by the gestures and voice. Such bulbs and air conditioners are already in the market which works with motion senses.


Cordless Landlines

Card fewer telephones are likely to be replaced by with tiny microphones. These microphones will be placed everywhere around us so that our voice will be transmitted without any break in any part of the house.



Laptops are also one those gadgets which are likely to be replaced in near future with virtual keyboards projected on tablet or wall. Table surface will also be used as screens in next decades.


Desktops like laptops are going to disappear in coming years. Who would like to work on these heavy desktops when one could carry the data around everywhere and work on the displays? So many chances are there that this desktop may not exist in next decade.


Classic Analog Watches

With ever so increasing technology these classic analog watches are also going out of fashion. More efficient and multitasking smart watches are going to replace these classic analog watches. So there are probabilities that we may not see these watches in future.


External Hard Drives

Hard drives are going to be useless in near future. Because most of the contact information, media files, office presentation are being stored due to multiple services in the cloud. Google photos, Drop box, One Drive, and other cloud-based services are replacing hard drives.



Nowadays these widely used speakers will be the part of past in nearing days. They are likely to be replaced by the more efficient and condensed ones that may become a part of our home furnishings. They will be concealed in the plain sight and will stream audio wirelessly using Bluetooth connectivity.



10 Gadgets that May Disappear in the Next Decade

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