10 Funny Tweets about Babies

Little, tiny creatures, full of joy, spreading smiles but sometimes, very evil too are little softballs we like to call babies. We’ve all been through that time, of course, but little do we remember about what miseries we put our parents through. Yes, these adorable creatures are lovely to have, but we all need a reality check to remind ourselves of the trouble they can put us through, even if they aren’t our own!
Here are ten parents letting the truth out via Twitter.

10. Crying babies on board

Well, people do sympathize sometimes and let you switch seats on the airplane if you are getting annoyed by a crying baby. However, that wouldn’t really work if the baby was your own, now would it?

9. Sharing, more like giving

You know how babies can make puppy faces and convince you to give them your favorite snack? Well, trust me on this, if you plan on taking a baby’s snack the same way, it won’t work. In fact, there’s a high chance you’ll have to face some serious consequences for even making an attempt.

8. Name game

Of course, you can’t choose that name, you’re not going to name your child after that high school girl who rejected you and keep getting reminded of her all day every day.

10 Funny Tweets about Babies

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