10 Facts About Donald Trump

Donald Trump, we all know who he is; the current US President. There has been a lot of news about him in the past, but the recent drama has made literally everyone in the world aware of him. He is one of the most influential people of the world right now. The world is pretty much divided between his followers and haters. There has been a lot of drama regarding a lot of stuff Mr. Trump has done.

You might know a lot of about this new US president but here are 10 unusual facts about him.

10. One of the wealthiest people

Just from inheritance, Trump received enough money that he could spend the rest of life with. However he didn’t just sit around, and as of now, he is among the top 500 richest men in the world.

9. Vodka

‘Trump Vodka’ was a brand released by none other than Mr. Trump. However, it proved to be a big failure, mainly because Trump himself isn’t a drinker.

8. Cents

A company, SPY magazine, once played a prank and sent around 13 cent checks to the richest men. Donald Trump was one of the only two people who cashed the check.

10 Facts About Donald Trump

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