10 Drinking Games

Simply going to the bar and pouring drinks into yourself is getting a little boring, especially if you’re in a gathering. What’s a party without a drinking game, right? Beer pong has been around long enough, time to try out some new games. Here’s a list of 10 insanely fun games to liven up your party.

10. Quarters

It is played by 3-6 people who sit around a round table. You will spin a quarter to see who will start first. You then have to try to bounce the quarter off the table and into the glass. If the quarter goes in the shooter decides who has to drink the entire glass; if it doesn’t then the shooter drinks. After a person has successfully shot it in thrice they can then make up new rules.

9. Edward 40 Hands

You will duct tape one 40’s of beer to each hand and you can’t take them off till they’re empty. You can’t answer your cell phone, go to the washroom or literally do anything till you finish the beers.

8. Power Hour

This game is for the strong drinkers. The main goal is to take one shot of beer every minute for one hour. You will end up drinking 6 beers in an hour.

7. Flip up

You will be divided into two groups of 4-5 people each with half a cup of beer. All team members will stand in order, the first person will finish their drink and flip their cup upside down with their fingers when they succeed the second person drinks and so on. The first team to finish their drinks wins.

6. Russian Roulette

Place multiple shot glasses on the table and fill them all with water and only one with vodka. Shuffle all the glasses and people take turns to drink random glasses without sniffing or waiting. The person who drinks the vodka has to perform a dare.

5. Flip, sip or strip

Choose heads or tails and then flip a coin, if you’re wrong once you have to drink. If you’re wrong twice in a row take off one article of clothing. Get it right thrice to retrieve one article of clothing.

4. Sip sip shot

This is a grown-up version of “Duck Duck Goose”. One person goes around telling people to sip and they will drink. He then chooses one person to take a shot who will then jump up and try to catch him, if they can’t they have to take a shot.

3. Medusa

Sit around a circular table full of shots. Everyone starts with their head on the table and together they have to look at someone at the table. If you’re looking for someone who isn’t looking at you, you’re safe. If you lock eyes with someone you both have to take a shot.

2. Cup Swap

Every player will have two cups: one empty and the other full of alcohol. They will have one minute to transfer all the alcohol in the other cup with a spoon. After the minute is up they have to drink whatever is left.

1. Christmas hat

Put a hat on the corner of the TV when watching a movie. Whenever a character looks like he’s wearing the hat, take a shot.

10 Drinking Games

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