10 Differences In Men And Women

Yes, men and women are equals and yes, the biology doesn’t make them nay different. But over the years with our culture and also because of our genetic differences, there are some differences in the way a man or a woman behaves. There are differences in reactions, habits, and interpretations.
Here are 10 everyday examples where men and women act differently.

1. Yawning

While women tend to cover their mouth with their palm while yawning, men either use a fist to cover their mouth or don’t cover it at all! It is, however, obviously not true for each and every man and woman.

2. Sitting style

While men sit with their legs spread open, women sit with crossed legs. Maybe because crossed legs seem more sophisticated and feminine or maybe because it isn’t a very good idea to open with legs wide open when you’re wearing a skirt.

3. Organization

A woman’s brain is designed to pay attention to detail, unlike men. This makes women better planners and hence, they have better organizational skills.

4. Shopping

Women are easily tricked by discounts and promotional offers. Subconsciously, women are also easily convincible by third parties. Therefore, women tend to shop more than men. However, women are still somehow better at saving money than men are.

5. Seeing ability

Men and women use different parts of their brains to think and evaluate their surroundings. This causes men to pay more attention to what is further away while women notice the closer details.

6. Multi-tasking

A man’s brain only focuses on one task at a time, making women better multi-taskers.

7. Coping with problems

As mentioned before, women are sensitive so their solutions are usually based on emotions hence, more emotional outburst in the case of stress.

10 Differences In Men And Women

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