The 10 Craziest Objects Ever Found Inside People

Finding a strange alien inside a human body has become a standard trope for horror movies. People seem to be fascinated by this kind of urban legends and stories, some even have gone as far as to experience how it feels. Here is a list of ten most disturbing and craziest objects found inside the human body.

10. Adhesive Cast

According to the American Journal of Forensic Medicine and Pathology, a young man used a glue gun to perform an enema in the rectum for pleasure. Unfortunately for him, it became a solid irremovable cast upon solidification.

9. Broken Glass Bottle

When an aged old man decided to defecate in the wild, he didn’t expect to fall on a glass bottle and have it logged up his rectum. The man didn’t even feel pain until the removal.

8. Vibrator plus Salad Tong Combo

What do you do when you have a vibrator stuck in your bum? Take it out with a salad tong of course! But what do you do when even that gets stuck? Well, say hello to the ER.

The 10 Craziest Objects Ever Found Inside People

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