10 Celebrities Who Have Gorgeous Green Eyes

Green eyes are very rare to find, especially since they make only 2% of the total human population. This vibrant color varies in shade and mixes with many other colors to produce a very exotic affect. Many celebrities because of this rarity have become a symbol of iconic beauty. Here is a list of the ten most gorgeous green eyes in celebrities.

10. Emma Stone

Emma is a gorgeous movie actress; she mostly features in comedy movies. Her green eyes are a vibrant shade of yellow and green which are accentuated by her dark brown almost red tinted hair.

9. Hayden Panettiere

This blonde beauty gets her green eyes from her German and Italian ancestry. She is famously known for her role in the T.V. series ‘Heroes’ and from movies such as ‘Racing Stripes’ etc.

8. Jared Paladecki

Jared eyes lie in the darker shade of the color spectrum and show a dark green shade in his eyes. He is known for his character as one of the Winchester Brothers in the series Supernatural.

10 Celebrities Who Have Gorgeous Green Eyes

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