10 Big Differences in the Games of Thrones TV Series and the Books

The popular T.V series, Game of Thrones, may have given you many shocks with a very questionable turn of events. It may have been your favorite characters death or some other series of misfortunate events. Truth be told, many of these events have been added into the series for shock value and differ from the book greatly. Here the largest differences in the books and the series that have changed the entirety of events in the T.V. series. Spoiler Alert.


Lady Stoneheart

Unlike in the T.V. series, Catelyn Stark does not meet her end in the book during the Red Wedding. In the Book, she is resurrected and takes over a group of outlaws to seek revenge. She changes her name to Lady Stoneheart.


Robb’s Wife Talisa/Jeyne

With a complete change of name in the book Jeyne Westerling is called Talisa Maegyr in the T.V Series. Rob taking a more intelligent route does not bring his wife to the wedding and she survives the brutal killings during the Red Wedding.


The Alliance with the Boltons

In the book, a cousin of Sansa Stark was sent to the Bolton’s as Arya Stark. Jeyne Poole, the cousin, got tortured and held prisoner until she escaped with Theon. However, in the T.V. series Sansa Stark was sent instead.


Jojen Reed

Jojen Reed dies in the T.V series due to an unfortunate event. However, in the book, he stays alive, has many prophetic dreams, and dies after quite a while.


Aegon Targaryen

No indication of a change in the status of Aegon Targaryen has been made in the T.V. series. On the other hand, Aegon is revealed to be alive and well-fed by Vary’s for future planes to the Iron Throne.


Tyrion’s Escape

Tyrion does not escape with Vary’s rather he sets off to travel with two unknown figures, of which one of them later turns out to be none other than Aegon Targaryen.


Jon Snow’s Legitimization

In the T.V. series, Jon Snow is not made a legitimate son of Ned Stark as the idea is severely reprimanded by Lady Stark. However, in the book, Rob legitimizes Jon so Winterfell does not fall into strangers hands.


Loras Tyrell’s Death

Loras and Margaery are imprisoned and later killed in the T.V. show due to Cersei. In the Book, she sends him on a quest to look for a Dragonstone, in hopes that he would be killed. He is fatally wounded and is never heard of again.


Tyron and Aegon’s Alliance

No such thing happens in the T.V. series, but in the book Tyron and Aegon lead an attack on Westeros. Later, they head for Storm lands.


Ser Barristan Selmy

In the T.V. series, Ser Barristan is killed by the sons of the Harpy. He, however, lives on in the book and runs Meeran during the Queen’s absence.

10 Big Differences in the Games of Thrones TV Series and the Books

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