The 10 Most Beautiful Seas In The World

The world has yet not fully been discovered, but as much as it is, it is beyond imagination and what words can describe. Some of the most beautiful seas of the world are as follows:

#1 Trunk Bay, St. John, USVI

Probably the most photographed bay of the sea around the world, this sea rests at Virgin Islands National Park and stretches to about 225 yards.

#2 Sunset Beach, Brunswick Islands, 
North Carolina

Located in North Carolina, this sea is called the “Sunset Beach, ” and it continually keeps attracting visitors from around the globe where they replenish their dreams and hopes.

#3 Shell Beach, Shark Bay, Western Australia

The shark bay without any doubt is famous for a number of white shells which can be found at the shore. The sea stretches a long way, and visitors love traveling to see this place.

#4 Noordwjk Beach, The Netherlands

Also well known as the path for walking your dogs to build a stronger bond, the beach has a sea which seems to be pleasing to the aesthetic sense.

#5 Reynisfjara Beach, Iceland

On sunny days, the sand of the shore of the sea here is known to leave people in awe because of the stunning scenario! But the waves of the sea here can sometimes get wild and can easily knock people off their feet.

The 10 Most Beautiful Seas In The World

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